Who we are

Maximising operational productivity at mine sites in WA.


Mineral Mining Services delivers full turn-key contract mining services to established and start up mines in Western Australia.

Our people include engineers, heavy mechanical fitters, quarry managers and other mining professionals, backed by decades of practical experience across a range of commodities and mines. Every member of our team is committed to doing safe and efficient work that maximises productivity onsite.

We’re able to provide modern fleets and equipment, with or without skilled operators, load and haul services, drill and blast support, 24/7 mechanical assistance, heavy haulage transport and other mining services crucial to the smooth operation of your mine. And, we can scale our solutions up or down to meet the unique needs of your mine.

Why choose us

  • Tailored services – we can assist you with a particular activity at your site, or tailor a comprehensive solution that matches your requirements.
  • Workshop support – our 17,000m2 operational hub enables us to meticulously service and maintain our fleet and equipment.
  • Modern fleet – we have a fleet of more than 100 heavy vehicles in our storage yard, as well as machinery and specialised equipment.
  • Safe and compliant – complying with industry regulations and safety measures is essential to our operation.
  • Industry experts – our team includes mining engineers, mechanics, fitters and other professionals backed by decades of experience.
  • Rapid mobilisation – we have the capabilities to efficiently and safely transport vehicles and machinery to your site, when you need it.
  • Cost effective – our contract mining services are priced reasonably and fairly to ensure our clients maximise return on their investment.
  • Focus on productivity – we make sure the sites we work at operate efficiently and productively, with minimal down time.
  • Risk adverse – we engage protocols, including risk assessments and strategies, to minimise potential risk onsite.
  • Innovative – we stay up to date with advances in mining technology and processes, so our clients can benefit from more streamlined services.
  • Experienced – our civil contractors are backed by decades of industry experience across many different commodities and mine styles.
  • Agile – we scale our services up or down to meet the needs of your mine operation, so you receive tailored solutions that achieve your goals.

Contract Mining Models

We tailor contract mining services that match the site needs of established and start-up mines in Western Australia.

This is a core part of our service, and enables us to deliver total mine-to-mill solutions that maximise operational productivity onsite. We provide load and haul services, mine production management, drill and blast services and a wide range of mining services that are crucial to the success of any site. We’re able to scale our models to align with your unique site requirements, and we have extensive experience in a broad range of commodities. For more information on how we can support your site, please contact us.


Our values define our culture, shape our behaviour and drives our success.

They shape how we interact with each other, our clients, and the wider community, and determine the kind of confident, flexible and accountable company we are and will continue to be. 

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People and their safety always comes first.

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Committed to pursuing growth in a responsible manner.

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We always work together and support each other.

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We value all people and are committed to treating them with dignity and fairness.

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We always deliver high-quality, effective and efficient solutions.

Our people are our priority

We believe an operation is only as good as the people who drive it.

This is why we are committed to supporting our employees, with ongoing safety training and opportunities to upskill. Making sure our employees are able to achieve a healthy work and life balance is critical to our culture too. Our people are the heart of our operation, and we are proud of the excellent work they do every day.

Adding value to your operation

The contract mine services we deliver are agile and responsive to the unique needs of your mine. If challenges do arise, we’re able to deal with them head-on, while staying strongly focused on efficiency and safety. This flexibility allows us to scale our services up or down, which means you maximise return on your investment and save on capital investment costs.