Drill and blast services

Drilling and blasting with a strong focus on safety and efficiency.

Mineral Mining Services delivers drill and blast services to mine sites in Western Australia. This service is available to clients as a package within our contract mining models, to ensure you have safe and reliable drill and blast support onsite. Our operators and technicians are highly skilled, with expertise in a variety of commodities.

Safety is critical to our drilling and blasting service. We maintain strict safety procedures to ensure blasting is controlled, and does not impact infrastructure that may be located close to your blast site. Our blasting specialists are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone onsite, as well as anyone in proximity to site.

Our drill and blast services include:

  • Production and pre-split
  • Charging and blasting
  • Supply of explosives
  • Blast vibration
  • Innovative blast design
  • Overpressure monitoring
  • Strict safety protocols and control processes

Safe and efficient drill and blast services

Our blast experts have many years of experience in the WA mining industry. They understand how to safely execute a successful blast, while maximising efficiencies and mitigating risk onsite. We are proud of our drill and blast crew, and the work they do for sites across WA.

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